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Kindle Fire HD initial thoughts

Raegan got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas, and I have to say I’m loving this device. When she got the iPad, I tried to play around with it, but I never really liked it. Don’t get me wrong, Bejeweled was great, but that’s all I used it for. Even using it to watch Netflix in bed was all wrong; it was too heavy.

But this device is a pleasure to use. It is lightweight, responsive, thin, and the material on the back is very pleasing to hold. The iPad was too metallic for me. It was cold and more than once slipped out of my hands and hit me in the face while watching a movie in bed. No good.

I also enjoy being able to purchase from something other than iTunes. That makes me happy.

I haven’t done too much with this in the couple hours I’ve played with it. I have read a chapter from The Hobbit, installed some apps, and type this blog post. My biggest disappointment is that a pdf document in my SharePoint library won’t download properly. The other thing I’m having trouble with is the autocorrect. A lot of words keep getting ting changed. Also, I tend to hit the “b” instead of the space bar. That’s annoying. Typing on my Windows Phone 8 has been my favorite experience, iPad is terrible and Kindle is very good.

I’m sure there are more features I will love, and some features I will miss, but this is a device I am really pleased with so far.


This is me, using the camera.