Tech Ed 2011 Winding Down and Ramping Up

Day 4
So I mentioned in my last post that I was going to enter the Speaker Idol competition. Well, I entered as a wild card and actually won my heat! I got some excellent feedback from the judges and after tweaking my presentation I’m now ready for the final competition today at 11:45. I’m definitely a bit nervous, and I hope I don’t make a fool out of myself.

I actually overslept this morning, so I rolled in at 10:45ish. I didn’t make it to bed until about 3:30 am because I was packing and getting ready to head out this evening. I think it’s good that I didn’t try to stumble in here at 7 am… I would have been dead. I can catch the sessions I missed this morning online after I get back.

It is amazing how many sessions there are. Any session you end up in is going to be full of information you can use. I’m most interested in getting the great tidbits out of the speakers like “if you set it up with this option enabled you’re in for a world of pain” or “the first thing to check if things go wrong is that Excel hasn’t decided to disable the add-in”. Real-world experience from these guys is awesome.

Yesterday (Day 3) I attended a presentation called Creating a Custom Service Application in SharePoint 2010. This was one of the best, most in-depth presentations I attended. The speaker said he made a conscious decision not to show any code or demos because he wanted to teach the concepts. In 75 min we could have watched him copy chunks of code here and there, but our eyes would have bled and it wouldn’t have been as helpful as actually going over the concepts. As a result, I know have a fantastic idea of how the service applications work together and how the Service Proxies actually work in SharePoint 2010. I had a vague notion before the conference of how it worked.

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