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Initial DB Design

I have build an intial domain model.  I am just covering the very basics of what I want to track, and expect to get into tracking foods a little later.

HealthTracker DB Design

I decided to separate out blood sugar & pressure readings due to the nature of the beast.  Everything in Stats is measured at most once a day.  You would never think of taking hemoglobin A1C levels more than once every three months.  However, blood sugar levels are measured multiple times a day.  Also, it’s important to note what type of blood sugar reading it is: morning fasting, before a meal, after a meal, before bed, etc.

Also, the business intelligence guy in me started thinking about how I’d do reporting, and I whipped up a sample blood pressure chart.

Sample Blood Pressure Chart

Next on the agenda I’ll begin looking at actually writing code for these parts of the domain model, and I’ll try to get a working health tracker going.


HealthTracker rough design

So I’ve begun diagramming out HealthTracker.  So far here’s what I’m looking at.


Now I understand this isn’t really groundbreaking stuff, but I like to get my stuff down on “paper”, even if it’s just a rough drawing of the very basics.

I have a database design I’ll post another time.  I’ve gotten the initial “Hello World” app up and running also.  My next step is to get the very basic data entry going and I’ll deploy that out to Azure and see what it looks like.


New Beginnings

I’m starting a new project, affectionately called HealthTracker.  This will be a place that I can track statistics related to my health.  This is not a revolutionary product, and there are many other fitness tracking applications out there.  However, I have not found one that tracks the items I’m interested in, such as triglycerides or  blood sugars.

In addition to wanting to track this data, I also want to learn some new technology.  I tried out ASP.NET MVC back in Nov 2007 when it was first released, but had to move back to web forms because of some IIS 6 incompatibilities, the details of which I don’t remember.  Well, with the release of Visual Studio 2010 and MVC 2, I’m ready to give it another go.  I have a developer account on Azure, so that’s where it will be hosted.  Lastly, I plan on picking up a Windows Phone 7 device when they’re released, so I might as well build a Silverlight client.

That’s quite a series of new stuff for me, especially considering I’m going to try to keep things in accordance with best practices of Dependency Injection, Unit Testing, etc.  But I think it should be fun, and will definitely be a learning experience.