Synchronize Excel 2003 to a SharePoint List

This is for those people who are unfortunate enough to be working with Office 2003. It’s crazy, but some clients are still working with the older versions of things.

  1. Get your data straightened out in your spreadsheet – replace N/A with a blank cell, replace — with 0, only one header, etc.
  2. Remove all spaces and strange characters from your header (Dashboard Designer chokes on some of these)
  3. In Excel 2003, Data –> List –> Create List (+L).

    Make sure that you have all your data selected, and check the box “My list has headers” (if it applies). Click OK.
  4. Data –> List –> Publish List. This will bring up a dialog, which you then use to enter the site collection name other info. Check the box that links the sheet to the SharePoint list.
  5. Next you will make sure that your columns are the proper data type. If they are not right, Cancel and fix the data in the columns (remove “-” from a numeric column, etc).
  6. If you checked the box that links your spreadsheet to the SharePoint list, you can go to Data –> List –> Synchronize List and get the latest updates.

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