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Blogging with Word 2007

I’m using Word 2007 to create this post. I was actually starting to create a new document and I figured I would try creating a new blog post to see how it works.

I was first presented with this dialog to register my blog:


I selected WordPress from the list and saw this dialog:


I put in my blog ( and entered my account information. I clicked OK and presto changeo I was done.

Next I entered my title:


Then I clicked on the Insert Category. It reconnected to my blog to download my Categories, and then I selected Meta from the dropdown list.

I’m going to play around with some of the Word 2007 features to see how it handles them:

An Equation:

Word Art:


Some Code:


				SPListItemCollection nominated(SPList calendarList)


				SPQuery query = new

            query.ViewAttributes = "Scope=\"Recursive\"";

            query.Query = "<Where>" +

				"<Eq>" +

				"<FieldRef Name=\"" + nominateField + "\" />" +

				"<Value Type=\"bit\">1</Value>" +

				"</Eq>" +


				return calendarList.GetItems(query);



Finally, I typed everything up and clicked Publish. It seems pretty straight-forward.


  • Simple to get up and running
  • Handles styles decently
  • Images get uploaded and stored without hassle
  • It’s nice to work in the familiar environment of Word
  • Making changes just involves publishing again


  • Equations don’t get converted to PNG or anything, they just vanish
  • Difficult to predict formatting, had to put each picture’s text wrapping properties to Top & Bottom
  • Word Art images have white background
  • The code gets messed up – coloring is fine but each line is a separate paragraph


This was easy to get going, but I’m not pleased with the embedding of other items (pictures, equations, code). This is a great solution for just writing a typical blog entry without a lot of pictures or style changes. Maybe I’ll use this more for blogging longer essays. I think I’ll stick with handcoding the HTML for now.